Welcome to contact us for press and wholesale inquiries, questions about ordering and booking a meeting.

We will work as soon as we can and will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Phone number: 

Lina:       +46 73-599 97 44

Caroline: +46 76-014 17 18

Email address:


Org.nr 556675-1797


Looking to become a retailer? Then you are welcome to send an email with a presentation of you and your company to info@shestockholm.com


Delivery time

All our shipments are sent by registered mail within Sweden.

Our goal is to deliver your jewelry as soon as possible! Since all our jewelery is handmade, the delivery time varies. The normal delivery time is 2-5 working days. If the piece of jewelry you want is temporarily out of stock and new jewelry is in production, the delivery time can be up to 3-5 weeks.

If you want to know if the piece of jewelry you want to order is in stock then you are welcome to email info@shegemma.com and we will come back with answers about delivery time.


All payments from our shop are made through Klarna or by credit / debit card.


One year warranty is valid against presentation of receipt. The warranty applies when the jewelry is subject to normal wear and tear. It is for example. not suitable to move stones with a ring on the hand.

However, one should expect that metal will wear out and wear out slightly over time. Ex. problems that are included are loosened by soldered parts and dropped stone (does not apply to self-procured).


Should your jewelry be incorrect or damaged, please contact us immediately. If you find that the goods are transport damaged when you receive them, you must immediately notify the Post Office or the delivery point. Contact us if you have any questions.

Should your ordered size be incorrect, we will fix this free of charge, unless you have measured correctly and this is a minor adjustment. You are only responsible for the shipping to us, we will return the return post to you. Should the size have been incorrectly measured and be more than half a size wrong, there will be a smaller rework cost depending on the material.

Open purchase

We offer our customers open purchase for one week from the day the jewelry is shipped from us. The jewelry should then be unused and ash and tissue must be intact. If you have chosen too long or too short a chain you can contact us and we will make a simple change. The difference is corrected manually by agreement between you and us. The customer stands for postage and return postage upon return to us. Contact us, we want you to feel satisfied. The exception is gold jewelery, which you do not have open purchase on, nor exchange rights.


It is important to measure carefully! What size do I have on the ring?

1.  Ring measurement is very accurate, a woman usually has somewhere in between 15 - 18 mm. A male somewhere between 17 - 21 mm. Circumference and diameter? It's like Many people do not think about the size of their hands from time to time. Women have their monthly cycles that can affect the size of the hand.

2.  We recommend not measuring ring size as it is cold because your fingers may shrink slightly. Instead, we recommend that you always measure ring size in the evening, when the finger is at its largest.

3.  Take a slider / ruler gauge the inner diameter of a suitable ring. Enter the measure in millimeters. 

4.  The second best solution: If you have no ring, put a piece of paper around your finger, stretch and measure circumference in mm.

5.  Remember that a wide ring fits more around your finger, than what a slim ring does. Therefore, the ring you want to order is wider than the one you are measuring with, you may need to scale up.